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Bavarian Beer Dreams

Hop Fields
Family in the Hops Then (1929) and Now (2004)
Hop Processing 1
Hop Processing 2
Brauerigasthof Aying
Ayinger Brauerei 1
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In August of 2004 we took a family vacation to my Mother's home turf of Bavaria. It was a chance for my kids to connect with their heritage and my Mom to reconnect. For me it was a chance to get up close and personal with my favorite beverage. This site is not intended to be "my summer vacation" because you don't care about that. It is my documentation of a small slice of Bavarian beer culture. It's a beer geek's photo album.

This trip had an ambitious agenda where I tried to include something for everybody. Two nights in the Gasthof of the Ayinger Brewery was my special bit (Legoland and castles were for the kids). As it turned out I got a huge extra bonus when some long lost relatives invited us to their hop farm in the Hallertau to see the harvest! Use the links on the left for photos and click on any picture for a full size view.

Seehaus in Englischer Garten
"Where's yours, Hon?"