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Family in the Hops Then (1929) and Now (2004)
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Ayinger Brauerei 1
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We've all done the usual brewery tours, right? This was not much different except that Ayinger is a mid size industrial operation and we were able to poke around pretty much as we liked. I was worried my kids were gonna get a finger bottled in the bottling line. There is an odd multimedia bit where the guide locks you into the attic above the lagering tanks, the lights go dim and a booming voice intones (in German) about the mystical nature of fermentation. The lighting is akin to a low budget stoner laser show. Regrettably, I was totally sober. Tours in German are free but I had to pay EUR70 to get an English guide.

Mash Kettles
Dual kettles allow for decoction of their "Jahrhundert."

Lagering Tanks

Hop Tanks
They do use hop extracts in some brews

Sampling the "Jahrhundert" unfiltered

Control Room
Totally automated. It takes only 3 people to run the whole thing.

What they brew
Alchohol content and original gravity. Saves me the trouble of writing it down.